Birth Package

I help families work towards their goals Pool1for birth. Before the birth I can help you figure out what you want your birth to look like. At the birth I will help you to follow your plan. At our initial meeting you will have a chance to ask me questions about what services I offer. If you decide to hire me as your birth doula, I will:

  • Meet with you twice before the birth so that we can get to know each other. These meetings are flexible so that you get what you need out of them. Things that we might go over are previous birth experiences, birth physiology, talking about how you envisage your birth and drafting a birth plan, comfort measures for labour and labour positions. These meetings are likely to be between 1.5 and 2 hours.
  • During the weeks leading up to your birth you can contact me over e-mail or by phone to talk about any questions or concerns. I will listen or help you find the information you need.Pool2
  • When we get to the on-call period, from week 38, I will be available to you 24 hours a day. When you go into labour and decide you want me, I will be with you within an
    hour. I will stay with you throughout labour, whether it is 4 hours or 40 or more.
    I will work with you and any birth partners to create a positive and calm environment. I will stay with you after the birth for a couple hours to ensure that your are comfortable with your new baby.
  • After the birth I will be back to see you 1 – 2 times, for up to two hours each visit, depending on your wishes. At these visits we can talk about the birth, work on any problems or concerns you may be having, go over available resources, and I can help with any baby care issues you might be having. Other things I could do include putting supper on for you, and doing a load of laundry. These visits are flexible and will be tailored to your needs.

I am a member of Doula UK, the national organization for doulas in the UK. I am happy to support your birth wherever and however you choose. Home, hospital, or birthing centre, I am willing to go the distance with you! If you have a particular method in mind for your birth that I am not familiar with, I will very likely be interested in learning for your birth. I have supported births at Kingston, Royal Surrey, East Surrey, and St. Heliers hospitals, and am familiar with many others. I have experience with home and water births, and have supported Cesarean birth. I am open to working with all women, single or partnered. 

My fees are £850 plus travel expenses (45p/mile). The fee is payable in two segments, 50% at our first session, and 50% by week 38 of your pregnancy (payment plans are possible) – this is when I will start the potentially 4+ weeks of on-call for your birth.

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