Placenta Encapsulation


I live near to Dorking in Surrey, so am well placed to collect your placenta from anywhere in Surrey and parts of the surrounding counties, including East Surrey, Royal Surrey, Epsom and Kingston hospitals. I am happy to travel further afield if you do not have another placenta consultant nearby.

Services I offer:

Placenta encapsulation (steamed or simple methods)                                 £195

Placenta encapsulation (half and half of steamed and simple)                 £225

Placenta tincture (6 week process) 250mL plus small dropper bottle

     ordered with capsules                                                                                               £45

     ordered separately                                                                                                     £60

Placenta essence for mother and baby

     ordered with capsules                                                                                              £35

     ordered separately                                                                                                     £45      

Placenta Oil 50mL                                                                                                            £30

Raw placenta smoothie (with placenta encapsulation)                                 £40

Homeopathic placenta remedies (30c & 7c)                                                        £60


**If you are located more than 15 miles away, there will be a £0.45/mile surcharge on mileage that is further than a 30 mile round trip.**

Please look at the Placenta Remedies Network for further information about placenta remedies and answers to questions you may have about placentas and placenta encapsulation.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have, just go to the contact page and send me a message or call on 07572 896624.