Postnatal doula

Adjusting tohelpless life with a new baby takes time, whether it is a first or you are adding a new brother or sister to your family. Initially my help will be to protect the post-natal period – new mothers need Steph and Leonourishment and rest to both heal their bodies and feed their new infant. My support will allow you to focus on your primary responsibilities of health and nurturance for yourself and your infant. Over the following weeks I will support you through the changes as you find your way as new parents, or adapt to life parenting a growing family.

herbs2There are many things that I will be able to offer a family. I enjoy cooking healthy meals, making you herbal preparations to nourish and heal, I can do a load of laundry or three, Becky blueempty the dishwasher, do some shopping, take your dog for a walk, or read stories, play games or discuss whatever topic currently interests your older children.

I will listen, make you tea, discuss any concerns, help you find information or resources. I can help you while you get the hang of any baby care such as nappy changing, bathing and feeding. I will care for your baby while you take a bath or a nap, or spend some quality time with an older child. I am flexible, and we will work together to get your needs met.

I am open to working with any family group with a newborn.Plate of food Single parent to any other family arrangement.

My hourly rate is £22/hour plus mileage (45p/mile).




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