I absolutely cannot imagine having a better pre-natal/post-natal doula than Stephanie!!! At no point in the weeks prior to or following giving birth did I feel like I was not in capable hands. Stephanie ensured that I was well nourished in terms of diet, and herbal infusions that she both prepared for me and taught me how to prepare for myself.

My labour and delivery was difficult, and my recovery took longerSteph and Bea 2 than expected due to an episiotomy that didn’t heal properly.  Stephanie ensured that I got as much rest as I needed, while also encouraging me to get up and moving as soon as it was appropriate.  She also prepared herbal-infused sitz baths, and herbal perineal sprays to soothe the wounded areas.

In addition to caring for me, she provided excellent care to my 2 and a half year old daughter as she adjusted to the transition of having a new sibling, and therefore having less of my attention.  To this day, my daughter mentions Stephanie regularly, and I gave birth a year and a half ago.

All in all, given how difficult the first weeks of having a newborn can be, I would say without hesitation that Stephanie provided invaluable support to me and my family, and brought with her a strong (and much needed) sense of calm and control.

Becky, Toronto, Canada