V&NJNKI hope that every woman giving birth has the support and services of someone as amazing as Steph. Her presence and hard work during my prelabour, birth, and post-natal days allowed me to focus on birthing and becoming a mama to my son. I didn’t have to think or worry about anything else. I wish this kind of care for all mamas.

During my pre-labour (which was about 36 hours), Steph was there with me every step of the way. She made sure that I had everything I needed (be it food, conversation, information), and presented me options when I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. She timed my contractions, dialled my midwives and partner (who was out of town for work), set up my birthing pool, and helped me move around safely.

During my active labour and birth, Steph integrated right in with the rest of my birthing team. While she was there to support me completely, she also managed logistics at my house to make sure that my midwives had everything they needed as well (which was essential since my partner wasn’t home yet). She was by my side for the birth, encouraging me, fishing my poop out of the pool, offering me beverages and snacks, physically supporting me when needed.

What was the most incredible is the support Steph provided after my son arrived. I was shocked at how completely exhausted I was after delivering my son. I knew it would be a lot of work, but every cell in my body was completely spent. She helped me get my energy back with a constant supply of food and herbal infusions, lots and lots of rest, and emotional support. She never undermined my instincts and reinforced my confidence that I knew what was best for both me and my son.

Steph is a deeply intuitive, caring, reassuring, loving, down to earth, practical and supportive doula. She works like a mule and just happens to be my sister. I am one truly lucky gal.

Valery, Toronto, Canada